Dr. Dilip Kumar Ghosh

He is a Senior Professor in the School of Physical Sciences, IACS, Kolkata. Photography is my hobby. His love for photography started when he was very young. He loves nature and landscape photography more than other genres of photography. He joined the South Kolkata Photogenic Club in May, 2017. He learned various photography related ideas…

Sayantan Datta, EFIP

Loves to acquire knowledge about photography– its’ idea, framing and many more. He did his first distinction on photography as AFIP in the year 2018 and currently doing more two distinction parallel. His journey in photography is still continuing and he hopes to be with his club always. Members’ Galley Home

Shyamasis Ghosh, AFIP

Aged 62, is very much an armature photographer. His interest in photography got great fillip through his association with South Kolkata Photogenic. Has achieved AFIP distinction from FIP. He is interested in landscapes and people’s life. Members’ Galley Home

Supriya Chowdhury, AFIAP, EFIP

His Photography started in early sixties when he was employed at CFRI, Dhanbad. He had a Photography Club, and a fully equipped Dark room . At that period, FIP had a system of sending Portfolios of renowned photo Artists to the affiliated clubs and he had the opportunity of viewing and learning from the works…

Intra Club Quarterly Contest 2020

This year is tremendous for all of us..everything is locked. We can’t even see each other with a real face. Still our intra-club contests are on. Judging are done online but eminent juries made is easy and perfect. We are to go for two more contests. Let us pray , the situation will be restored by this time.