EASEL 2016

EASEL 2016 was our First embers’ Exhibition. It was held from 19 to 21 August 2016 at Gallery Gold, Kolkata.
The exhibition was inaugurated by Sri Bibek Das, one of the most reckoned Commercial Photo Artist in India.

Sri Debidas Banerjee and Sri Tapan Kumar Das were conferred on Life Time Achievement felicitaion.

Sri Sayan Sarkar, EFIAP and Sri Nirmalya Bhattacharya and Smt. Saswati Chakraborty were presenters of photography on Section wise images in Salon and Images on Tribes in India respectively.

Intra Club Quarterly Contest 2019

We organised four quarterly contests in in 2019. We started the programme in 2018. Since then we organised eight such contests in two years. In each contest we confer awards to best three images and on the basis of points acquired throughout the year, we select best of three for the respective year. Among four such contests, one is held as print contests. So far as eminent artists took the chair of judges like, Amitabha Sil, Tapan Kumar Das, Swapan Mukherjee, Subrata Bysack,, Dipankar Dasgupta, Sanat Kumar Das, Koshal Basu, Saibal Mondal, Manash Das, Suvojit Biswas, Pinki Ghosh Guha

Foot Steps

Foot Steps…..we like to call it a movement, a passage with camera eyes opened to the world….we organised a day long programme at Sarat Smriti Sadan , South Kolkata on 28 April 2018 where four eminent travellers and equally masters with camera shown their journey of Photo Travel and Photo Journalism. They were Ratanlal Biswas, Late Sri Dipankar Ghosh, Joydeep Mitra and Subrata Bysack………….more than 100 participants attended the programme and we proudly say that this is the first ever initiative in Kolkata…here are some moments…

Photo Walk

We organise Photo Walk or we can say photo outing in and around the city of Kolkata. Basically these kind of outing are organised for practicing in different light conditions and we try to capture events or simple candid type pictures. This kind of programme is organised only for members of our club.

EASEL 2017

Easel 2017 was our 2nd Members’ Exhibition, staged on 17th to 20th September 2017 at Gallery Gold, Kolkata. Sri Nupur Kumar Roy, EFIAP, EFIP/G inaugurated the exhibition on 17th Sep,17.

Life Time Acheivement Felicitation were given to Sri Tushar Kanti Dutta and Sri Asim Kumar Bhattacharya.

Sri Anindya Majumder and Sri Manash Das gave presentation on Ladakh and Photo Travel respectively.

Awards of our first national salon , Easel were also given to awardee. The digital exhibition of this national salon was also arranged throughout four days of the exhibition

EASEL 2019

4th Members’ Exhibition, EASEL 2019 staged from 19-21 October 2019 at Gallery Gold, Kolkata. A total of 81 images were displayed.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Sri Subrata Bysack, GMPSA/P, EFIAP/G.

Lifetime achievement felicitation were given to Sri Shanti Ram Mondal and Sri Parthasarathi Sarkar.

Contemporary photo artists, Sri Raj Sarkar gave a presentation on Street Photography and Sri Koshal Basu took us to a tour in Masaimara, Africa with his spell-bounding clicks.